Why I suggest traveling alone? –at least once – is worth a try 2018-04-13T18:20:39+01:00

In my opinion everyone should try traveling solo, at least once in lifetime. It should be made compulsory- just like reading and writing- going on a trip after high school for a year, six months or just for a couple of months. It could teach youngsters so many things before life with a big L. They would perceive the real world with their own eyes and they could experience the diversity of other nations, cultures and countries. They would open up and they could be able to see things from different angle.

Let’s be honest there are no trips where you don’t encounter unexpected problems. Lost wallet, passport, bag, missing a flight or an unexpected medical emergency. Let’s just take a new unfamiliar environment, alternate habits and it is very likely, that the spoken language is many times different. But still the traveller can gain immense amount of self-knowledge. By all means the person will become more focused and much more independent.

You will learn to value your qualities through other people or maybe you will recognize those charasteristics which you haven’t encountered yet. You experience goodness, cunningness and you come to realize that it is only you who has responsibility.

Your abilities might also improveare while you’re traveling without companions, if we are open for it. Who you can trust or whom you shouldn’t. Nothing is free and you have to pay the price of everything, this is obviously something you have to face up with. But, of course there are some kind benefactors or even we can become them as well. Everything will remain imprinted in the world so, what really matters is what we make out of ourselves, because both the positive and negative energies will come back to us.